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The City of Fort Worth is conducting a Disparity Study to ensure that minority and women owned business enterprises (M/WBEs) have equal access to contracting opportunities and that the City’s current program remains legally defensible and administratively successful.

What is a “Disparity Study”?
A disparity study involves compilation of evidence to determine whether the City has a strong basis for implementing race- and gender-conscious contracting remedies for its contracts, and narrowly tailoring its M/WBE program. This includes statistical evidence of disparities, if any, between the availability of M/WBEs and their utilization on the City’s contracts and related subcontracts and throughout the area economy as a whole.

The study will further examine factors necessary for entrepreneurial success, such as access to business capital, bonding, networks, suppliers, etc. The study also will gather anecdotal evidence of any continuing effects of past or present race and sex discrimination, and the impact of the current M/W/BE program. Finally, the study will review the City’s current program and activities and make recommendations for future initiatives and enhancements, including data to assist the City in setting its project-specific and overall goals

Who is conducting the study?
CH Advisors Inc. (Advisors), formerly known as Colette Holt & Associates, a nationally recognized expert team on disparity studies and M/W/DBE programs, in conjunction with local partner Nervi’ Strategic Solutions, LLC.

How can business owners and other interested parties be involved?
The participation of business owners and other interested parties such as trade associations, advocacy groups, community organizations, etc. is critical to the study’s outcomes in two important ways. The study team will contact businesses to confirm information on specific contracts and/or to receive additional contract information that is currently not available to the City. The study team will also conduct interviews with business owners and stakeholders to collect information regarding discriminatory barriers and the City’s program.

How will the public meeting, business owner / stakeholder small group interview sessions be conducted and how do I participate?
Advisors will host a public information meeting to introduce the study methodology and process. A bit later in the process, the consultant will host business owner/ stakeholder small group interview sessions

Participants who are unable to attend the meeting or the interviews but who would like to provide input to the study are encouraged to submit written statements at the study email:

When will the study be completed?
The study is anticipated to be completed Spring 2020.

Who do I contact with questions?
You may contact the Study team via email at or you may contact the City:

City of Fort Worth
Gwen Wilson
Business Development Manager
Economic Development Department

Download the Fort Worth Disparity Study FAQ-Fact Sheet by clicking here.